Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc (馬爾博 中醫博士) is a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Asian traditional medicine with a private practice in Madison, NJ. He is the founder of the Institute for Classical Asian Medicine and has lectured on advanced concepts in Asian medicine in the US, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland and Indonesia. Dr. McCann has a BA and BMus from Oberlin College and Conservatory and was a Fulbright fellow to Japan. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture, has a doctoral degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and finished coursework at the PhD level at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He is a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine doctoral degree program and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY) master's degree program. 

From the age of 10 Dr. McCann has practiced Asian health and martial movement arts. He initially started with Okinawan Karate, and has a 3rd degree black belt in Isshin-ryu and, while living in Okinawa was awarded a 3rd degree black belt in Shorin-ryu (Kobayashi) by the Kyudokan. As a private student and direct indoor disciple of Wang Feng Ming, Dr. McCann is a 12th generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan and a 3rd generation disciple of Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan. He is also a disciple of Qigong in the lineage of Hu Yao Zhen, originating with the Daoist immortal Chen Tuan, and is a certified instructor of Pangu Shengong.

Jian 2.jpg

Taiji Jian 雙鐧

Dr. McCann demonstrating the double mace (jiǎn 鐧), a traditional heavy weapon of Hunyuan and Chen Taiji. Each weighs in at about 2kg, and are made of steel at the Longquan Forge in China.

Dr. McCann has a strong interest in the use of traditional medicine in the treatment of pain and traumatic injury. He has worked extensively with martial artists and also has experience working with other athletes, both professional and amateur. Dr. McCann is an accomplished acupuncturist who has authored several books and numerous articles on the topic (click here to see a list of publications). He also continues the tradition of hand making external herbal formulas that were a mainstay of martial arts schools. 

Dr. McCann translating for and assisting his Shifu, Wang Fengming, during a Taijiquan and Qigong seminar (Vermont, 2016).

Dr. McCann translating for and assisting his Shifu, Wang Fengming, during a Taijiquan and Qigong seminar (Vermont, 2016).