We offer some ready made formulas as well as formula kits for making external herbal preparations.


Training Formulas

Training formulas made from Chinese herbal medicines are a traditional part of martial arts, Qigong, meditation and other similar practices. From the earliest times practitioners used these formulas to supplement and enhance their training regimens, and to deal with common complications that arise from training. 

Classical manuals on martial arts or physical cultivation such as Qigong or meditation frequently contained formulas for a variety of situations. Also, teachers sometimes recommended certain formulas that may have been passed down in schools of practice. Unfortunately many martial arts or Qigong teachers were not trained in Chinese medicine, and would not have understood the nuances of formula writing, or the nuances of when formulas would be most appropriate. Click here to read more about our formulas and to see what standardized formulas are available for purchase.


Hit Liniments (Die Da Jiu 跌打酒, Dit Da Jow)

While commercially produced Dit Da Jow are commonly available, authentic hand made Dit Da Jow is becoming a thing of the past. Here we offer classical Dit Da Jow formulas made by hand in small batches with high quality herbs. Formulas can also be made on a custom order basis for martial artists, athletes, dancers, or other similar physically active people. Contact us for information on ordering pre-made or custom made liniments. Please also contact us for information on traditional injury and pain treatment in our clinic. 



Taiji Five Fragrance Liniment is our currently available pre-made Dit Da Jow. This formula comes from Dr. McCann's Taiji (Tai Chi) lineage and was the formula used by Taiji Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. A version of it also was used in the Shaolin Temple, the famous birthplace of many Chinese martial arts. It is designed to treat injury, bruising, low back pain, pain and swelling due to fracture or dislocation, and other similar conditions. For EXTERNAL USE only. $15 for a 4oz. bottle.

Ingredients: Fl. Caryophylii, Rx. Saussureae seu Vladimiriae, Gummum Olibani, Fr. Foeniculi Vulgaris, Rx. Angelicae Sinensis, and others



Martial arts schools, individual martial artists, professional athletes, or other similar people can make Dit Da Jow at home. We provide ready made formulas that yield 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon of finished product at a lower price than pre-made formulas. Kits come with a glass container and dried herbs, but does not include the alcohol used as the base. Click here to download a flier of the kits we have currently.


Formulas can be custom made for the needs of specific martial arts or other training regimens or specific types of injuries or other health concerns. Martial Arts schools can contact us for information on bulk ordering of pre-made liniments, or can order liniment kits for making liniments. Dr. McCann is also available to teach martial arts schools the basics of traditional injury management, including the use of topical herbal formulas and acupressure for self-care. Many martial arts schools are now requiring this type of training for instructor or black belt level students.


Herbal Creams 跌打油膏

Coming soon! 



To inquire about ordering pre-made or custom liniments, or for more information or information on classes for martial arts studios (in NJ) please contact us or call (973) 449-0340.