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Medicine and martial arts have been linked together in Asia for countless generations. At some point in their training most martial artists, and for that matter athletes or anyone involved in sports, will have to deal with physical injury. In old China, modern hospitals were not around every corner. Thus martial artists and especially martial arts teachers, developed strategies and treatments to prevent and treat injury. Many martial arts teachers traditionally also made their living as doctors specializing in treating injury or pain.

Dr. Henry McCann is a professional doctor of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching martial arts as well as classical Chinese body cultivation such as Qigong. In the tradition of martial artists in ancient China, Dr. McCann has expertise in traditional medicine for injury, pain and athletic performance, and makes external herbal formulas by hand in the traditional way. He treats patients in his New Jersey office and travels regularly throughout the United States and Europe teaching advanced topics in Chinese medicine. For more information on Dr. McCann please click here.